What Not To Put In Garbage Disposal With Septic Tank? [Info]

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The short answer is yes, you can have a garbage disposal with septic. Using a garbage disposal will increase the solids in your septic tank. However, there are precautions you can take to ensure that your garbage disposal and septic tank work together and enable convenient food scrap disposal in your kitchen.

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Seafood Shells. Avocado Seeds. Nuts. Asparagus. Fruit Pits. Any of these items could damage your garbage disposal with or without a septic tank, but if you have a septic tank they could be especially problematic. With a little extra care and effort, using a garbage disposal with a septic tank is perfectly fine.

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The golden rule of using a garbage disposal unit with a septic tank is never to use it to dispose of any food waste that is non-biodegradable. Hot water should not be used to grind food waste with the garbage disposal unit because it liquefies oils. These oils accumulate and clog the septic tank. Don't switch off the motor or water prematurely.

What Not To Put In Garbage Disposal With Septic Tank?

Alternatively, you can throw solid tomatoes down the garbage disposal but in smaller doses. Cut your tomatoes into smaller halves or fourths to ensure they go down your garbage disposal smoothly. Just like you would with a tomato puree, keep the faucet on throughout the process and leave a few minutes in between each piece of tomato.

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Garbage disposals reduce the effectiveness of your septic system. Wastewater solids that sink to the bottom of your septic tank are called sludge. In healthy tanks, bacteria have enough time to break down organic matter and keep sludge levels in check. You overwhelm these bacteria if you continually put pieces of food down a garbage disposal.

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To back up its claim that septic systems attached to a garbage disposal don't need to be pumped more frequently, InSinkErator's website cites a study from 2019 that was based on a simulation.

What Not To Put In Garbage Disposal With Septic Tank?

Food waste is the only material that should ever be put down a garbage disposal. Fats and grease are problematic, as well as non-food items that often inadvertently end up in a garbage disposal--small toys, nuts and bolts, or kitchen utensils. These materials can cause a garbage disposal to malfunction, clog pipes on the way to the septic tank.

What Not To Put In Garbage Disposal With Septic Tank?

2. what not to put in a garbage disposal with a septic tank. For the safety of your septic tank, the additives added to it shouldn't contain bleach, lye, and phosphates. These are not safe for septic systems. Lye is a corrosive chemical that can eat through pipes, reducing the lifespan of a septic tank.

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Stringy Vegetables. Celery, corn husks, artichokes, rhubarb, string beans, banana peels, and any other type of vegetable that's stringy or excessively fibrous should never go into the garbage disposal. The strings can get caught in the mechanism and be difficult to remove.

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To properly manage garbage disposal with a septic tank, it's important to understand what should not be put in the disposal. Chemical cleaners or drain openers, condiments, sauces, dips, dressings, spices, and expired food items should never be put in a garbage disposal with a septic system.

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You cannot put non-biodegradable items down a garbage disposal with a septic tank. Items include cat litter, trash, and floss. Moreover, there are food items that should not be put in either, such as potato peels, cooking oil, or shellfish. These items can damage the delicate bacteria in the septic tank.

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InSinkErator is one of the top garbage disposal brands. InSinkErator has an entire line of kitchen appliances, featuring garbage disposals and instant hot water dispensers, to cover all needs and budges. This Septic Assist® model from the InSinkErator Evolution Series® is the best garbage disposal for a septic tank on the market.

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Baking soda + vinegar + ice cubes: Add one cup of baking soda, two cups of white vinegar, and two to three cups of ice cubes to the disposal.Let the disposal grind up the cubes and allow the mixture to sit for at least 15 minutes before rinsing with hot water.

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Fibrous vegetables and peels. Celery, corn husks, artichokes, edamame pods, asparagus, and rhubarb are also problematic. "Premium garbage disposals with multi-grind technology can handle fibrous.

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Don't Put Hazardous Waste Into the System. At all costs, do not put hazardous substances into the system. Never put paint, paint thinners, gasoline or motor oil into your septic system. This is the "kiss of death" to a septic tank. 3. Do Limit the Number of Solids.

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By being mindful of what you put into your garbage disposal with a septic tank, you can help avoid costly repairs and keep your septic system functioning properly. Non-Biodegradable Items. When it comes to using a garbage disposal with a septic tank, it is important to avoid putting non-biodegradable items down the drain.