DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towels. Print a family recipe onto a tea

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Remove the paper backing while warm. Cover the image with parchment paper and press again to seal. Press again for 1/2 the time on the back side of fabric. The gel medium painted printed image will be placed facedown on the tea towel and the excess medium will be squeezed out as you smooth the image flat. When this is dried remove the paper by.

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I then turned each recipe into a landscape orientation by going to Image > Image Rotation > 90 degrees. After editing all three images (I only had three recipes, so two of my recipe dish towels are identical), I created a 54โ€ณ x 36โ€ณ 150 DPI file in Photoshop. Select "File" > "place embedded" to bring in each of the recipe images and.

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Materials to Make a Handwritten Recipe on Tea Towel. View my Amazon shopping list with the exact items we used to make this project. One (1) 16โ€ณ x 24โ€ณ Tea Towel - Alternate Tea Towel if the first is out of stock (if you intend to use Infusible Ink, be sure you get a sublimation tea towel) Iron On Vinyl (HTV) in one or two colors (I used.

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Carefully press the stamp onto the towel in a desired location, applying even pressure to ensure a clear imprint. Hold it in place for a few seconds before gently lifting it off. Repeat this process for each recipe you want to print on your towels, allowing ample drying time between stamps.

DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel... 2 Bees in a Pod

Personalization: Any handwritten recipe but vertical or long recipes work best. Recipe restoration included. Gifting Ideas. Looking for a unique and heartfelt gift? Our personalized recipe tea towels are the perfect solution for Christmas, holidays, anniversaries, or even as a special housewarming gift.

DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel... 2 Bees in a Pod

Hold for thirty seconds. After this period, move to the next section. 7. After this process, allow at least one minute for the transfer paper to cool off. Now it's time for some magic. 8. Slowly peel the transfer paper away from the flour cloth. The recipe's letters should appear on the cloth in clean, clear print. 9.

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Jeffery used Picasa to lay out the scanned images of the recipes and had them printed onto a yard of linen-cotton canvas, which she cut and hemmed. Another bonus: unlike the original recipe cards, the towels can easily be replaced if needed. The linen-cotton canvas is a beautiful fabric and will only improve with extensive washing and use.

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Steps on How To Hand Trace Your Handwritten Recipe. To hand-trace your recipe tea towel, follow these steps: Scan and increase the image sizes of your recipes. Print the recipe onto 11 by 14-inch paper. Tape your recipe to the back of your flour sack so it won't move while tracing. Carefully trace the handwriting onto the tea towel with your.

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Instructions. Wash dry and iron the tea towel. Scan the handwritten family recipe into your computer as an image. If you don't have a scanner take a picture with a phone and email it to yourself. Import the image into a Word document or other software and reverse the image.

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Tutorial- How to Turn a Handwritten Recipe into a Custom Tea Towel Tools and Materials. Handwritten Recipe *for how to clean up for a transparent background (remove the background) check out my post and video on How to Clean Up a Handwritten Recipe with Magic Eraser; Tea towel, Fleet Farm and Amazon Cricut Maker or Explore Air 2; Computer or Tablet (with Cricut Design Space installed)

DIY Handwritten Recipe Tea Towels. Print a family recipe onto a tea

Today's post reviews everything you need to know to transfer a handwritten recipe to a towel so you can preserve a favorite recipe on a gorgeous handmade gift. How to transfer a handwritten recipe onto a kitchen tea towel. Out of all the gifts we give and receive for Christmas, birthdays, or other holidays, only a few of them are truly.

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Print it on iron on transfer paper per the manufacturer's instructions. Don't forget to mirror your image before printing. Place the transfer paper face down on the tea towel. Cover it with the Teflon sheet and set your EasyPress 2 to 375 degrees and the timer to 15 seconds. Remove the backing while still warm.


Creating a recipe tea towel is such a clever way of preserving family recipes - especially those you don't have a handwritten copy of or those that are deteriorating with time. Whether you're simply scanning in a well-loved recipe card or creating an illustrated version, being able to capture and share the memories and emotions associated.

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Press down the iron - don't rub back and forth as this may smear your print. Just keep pressing the iron down on the paper for 30 seconds and then move on to the next section. Let the paper cool of about a minute. Begin lifting the paper backing and watch the magic happen!

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Handwritten Recipe Tea Towel Flour Sack Handwritten Recipe Kitchen Dish Towel Heirloom Unique Gift For Grandma Nana Mom Keepsake Handwriting. (5.3k) $5.94. Customized Kitchen Towel from your handwritten Recipes, SVG or PNG files. 3 towels to choose from. Fully customizable.

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Make sure there is a 1/2 inch around each recipe so that you have room for a hem. To transform your tea towel design into fabric, you can upload your design on Spoonflower and order it to be printed on linen-cotton canvas. I always recommend ordering test swatches before committing to ordering the actual yardage, that way you are able to make.