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8. Espresso Martini. With it's creamy flavor, this Espresso Martini with Baileys is elegant, perfectly sweet, and a real treat to keep your holiday parties going. It's made with fresh espresso, Irish cream and vodka. Then, it's garnished with crunchy coffee beans to ring in cheer. 9. Salted Caramel Martini.

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Baileys Festive Chocolate Cocktail. Delight your besties with an utterly choc-tastic wonder of a cocktail that's perfect for when you want to sprinkle a little magic. With chocolate sauce, chocolate shavings, a splash of Baileys and topped off with a deliciously decadent shortbread cookie, it's an absolute dream of a drink everyone will love.

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This iconic Irish cream liqueur is renowned for its smooth and rich flavor profile, and it takes on a unique charm during the yuletide season. With its creamy texture, delicate blend of Irish whiskey, and a hint of cocoa, Bailey's becomes a liquid embodiment of holiday cheer, inviting us to savor the joy and merriment of Christmas with every sip.

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14 Christmas Drinks with Baileys. Christmas Morning Coffee - This delicious Christmas morning coffee is perfect for starting your Christmas morning off right. It's so easy to make and a festive treat to enjoy during the holidays. A little cinnamon sprinkle is a great idea! It's like Irish coffee, without the hard Irish whiskey.

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Baileys Irish Cream is a perfect liqueur for all kinds of delicious Christmas cocktails. From creamy hot chocolate to iced coffee or a minty espresso martini, homemade Baileys cocktails are perfect for the holiday season. this recipe. Bailey's Irish Cream is one of my favorite liqueurs for winter cocktails. Creamy and smooth, Bailey's is.

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Use green chocolate chip ice cream if possible, or add a few drops of green food coloring to the shake instead. Add the ice cream and Baileys to a blender to combine. Pour it into a tall glass and garnish with mini chocolate chips, crumbled chocolate mint sandwich cookies or a drizzle of creme de menthe. Recipe.

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Chill your Baileys. Before making your drinks, chill Baileys in the fridge for a couple of hours for an extra-cold cocktail. Garnish your drink. Garnish for Christmas drinks include whipped cream (try this brown sugar whipped cream ), sprinkles or chocolate shavings. Storing Baileys: Store opened Baileys in a cool, dark place.

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Just line the rim of the cocktail glass with vanilla frosting before dipping it in sprinkles. In a shaker, add in ice, half and half, vanilla vodka, Baileys Irish cream, amaretto liqueur and powdered sugar. Snake until combined and chilled. Strain into the prepared martini glasses and serve. 5.

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Blender or food processor method. Combine Nutella, spiced rum, half & half, powdered sugar, and gingerbread spice in a blender. Blend on high speed until incorporated, 20 to 30 seconds. Fill clean glass bottles and refrigerate overnight to allow for flavors to blend.

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Peppermint Baileys Drink. First, add the ice to a cocktail shaker. Next, add the Baileys Original Irish Cream, vanilla vodka, coffee liqueur, peppermint schnapps, and milk (or heavy cream) and a dash of ground nutmeg. Put the lid on the shaker and shake it for a about 10 seconds.

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8) Baileys Irish Cream Buttered Toffee Cocktail. With its tasty combination of Baileys Irish Cream, Kahlua, and amaretto, this Buttered Toffee Cocktail is truly a delicious drink. It's just perfect for after-dinner Christmas sipping. It's wonderful served up in a martini glass or over ice cubes in a rocks glass.

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Cozy up this Christmas with a homemade Baileys Latte. This delicious Christmas cocktail combines smooth Irish cream with espresso and steamed milk. Prepared in under 10 minutes, each sip offers comfort on a cold night. Curl up by the tree with loved ones and forget the chill outside.

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7. Baileys Mint Martini. This stunning holiday cocktail strikes up quite the conversation. Creme de menthe and half-n-half give it a refreshingly cool green color while Baileys makes it extra indulgent. Add a shot of vodka to give it a kick and top it with whipped cream.

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The Christmas market is a cherished tradition in Poland, and each city has its own unique market with festive attractions, food, drinks, and handicrafts. Here are the Poland Christmas Market dates for 2024 in Krakow, Warsaw, Zakopane, Wroclaw, Gdansk, and Poznan. 1. Krakow Christmas Market: - Dates: November 29, 2024 - January 6, 2025

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More Christmas drinks with Baileys. As you can see, there are a lot of great Christmas drinks that have Baileys in them. A few more cocktails to get into the holiday spirit: gingerbread cookie martini, bailey's Irish cream cocktail, espresso martini, gingerbread martini recipe, gingerbread cocktail, and peppermint mocha spiked hot chocolate.