Bud Light Platinum Is Being Discontinued AC/DC Beverage

Bud Light Platinum Is Being Discontinued AC/DC Beverage

A Bud Light contains alcohol by volume of 4.2% as compared to the higher ABV of 6% and 5% in Bud light platinum and regular bud respectively. Because of the low alcohol content in Bud Light, it will take 5 to 6 Bud Light Cans (8 ounces) taken within an hour for a woman of 120 pounds in weight to get drunk (achieving an alcohol level in the blood of 0.08).

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By Draft Mag February 2, 2024. Bud Light contains an ABV of 4.2% per 12 oz serving. This Bud light alcohol content article is tailored to help beer drinkers understand the alcohol levels in both the classic Bud Light and its various versions, allowing for a more informed and enjoyable drinking experience.

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Exploring The Alcohol Percentage Of Bud Light Platinum. Bud Light Platinum, a popular brand of beer introduced in 2012, is known for its elevated alcohol content and unique taste. With an alcohol content of 6% by volume (ABV), Bud Light Platinum offers a stronger and more flavorful option than traditional light beers. The higher alcohol content.

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Now there's a new Anheuser-Busch product called Bud Light Platinum. The angle here is that it has fewer calories than Budweiser (though barely, at 137 per bottle to Bud's 145; Bud Light has 110) but higher alcohol (6%, compared to Bud's 5 and Bud Light's 4.2). It's a pretty neat trick to increase alcohol while decreasing calories, so this.

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The bottle has a beautiful appearance and emits out a refreshing blue color. The alcohol content in this beautiful and refreshing looking blue bottle of Bud Light platinum has an alcohol content of 6% by volume. The most intriguing part of this beer is that it contains only 137 calories per 12 fl oz. Presence of nutritional facts and stats.

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Compared to Bud Light's normal 4.2% ABV (original Bud "Heavy" is 5%), Bud Light Platinum weighs in at 6%. You can see, then, that the Bud Light Platinum Seltzer is actually quite a stronger.

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Yes. Bud Light Platinum alcohol content is at 6 percent, as we stated above. The percentage is stronger than Bud Light classic (4.2 percent), Bud Light Seltzer (5 percent), and Bud Light Peels 4.2 (percent). The highest alcohol percentage beer available in the Bud series is the Bud Light Platinum Seltzer, at 8 percent.

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At 6 percent alcohol by volume, Bud Light Platinum is more potent than the average American brew. (Bud Light measures only 4.2 percent, regular Bud 5 percent.) Popping the cap, you get a slightly.


Bud Light platinum alcohol percentage is 6% per 12 ounces of drink. It is the highest pure alcohol-containing drink introduced by Anheuser Busch recently in 2012. The amazingly high but light taste of Bud Light platinum alcohol content imparts an appealing drinking experience. Bud light platinum 6 pack is enough to make a night enjoyable for a.

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Bud Light Platinum entered the US market in 2012 as an alternative to the standard Bud Light. At 6% alcohol and 139 calories per 12oz, it remains a bit of a unique brew. The alcohol content is slightly higher than your average lager, yet the calorie content remains very low for a lager with this much alcohol. Bud Light vs Bud Light Platinum.

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Bud Light Platinum Seltzer plays off the success of Bud Light Platinum, which is 6 percent alcohol. The seltzers are available now, nationwide, in 12-ounce slim can variety packs, single flavor six-packs, as well as 25- and 16-ounce single-flavor cans of Wild Berry. It's the perfect beverage for the last days of summer and the beginning of fall.

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Bud Light Platinum is an American-style, premium beer that takes classic Bud Light to the next level.This triple-filtered light lager is brewed using mild hops and a unique combination of golden malts and cereal grains. Bud Light Platinum has a smooth finish and delivers on the superior drinkability of original Bud Light, but features a slightly sweeter taste and higher alcohol content. This.

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The answer is 137 calories. When you compare it to the normal bud light, which has 110 calories, it might sound a little too much. However, if you compare the alcohol content that this mild beer contains, the number of calories might not seem too much. While the regular bud light has a mere 4.2% alcohol content, at 6% ABV bud light platinum.

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Bud Light Platinum.. Alcohol 6%. Calories 139. Sugar 3g. Fat 0g. PEOPLE ALSO ENJOY THESE ONES. Bud Light Peels Learn More. Bud Light Next Learn More. Anheuser-Busch About Anheuser-Busch Careers Social Responsibility Press. Support Contact Us Consumer Information Accessibility Statement. Stay Connected! JOIN NEWSLETTER. enjoy responsibly. DO.

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Each serving of Bud Light Platinum Seltzer has 170 calories and less than 3 grams of sugar. These gluten free alcohol drinks have an 8% ABV and are made with natural flavors. The slim canned seltzer is easy to hold, store and transport. Enjoy these refreshing alcoholic fruit drinks at gatherings or enjoy a hard flavored seltzer during any occasion.

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Unleashing its strength at 6 percent alcohol by volume, Bud Light Platinum surpasses the average American beer. (For reference, Bud Light contains just 4.2 percent, while regular Bud ranks at 5 percent.) How many Bud Light Platinum to get drunk? It depends on the individual and their level of tolerance. Generally speaking, it would take 3-5 Bud.