Barefoot launches pair of canned Wine Seltzers News The Grocer

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Barefoot wines, if stored properly can last up to 2 years without losing their characteristic aroma and flavor. However, for their sparkling wines, it is still your best bet to finish them at the soonest after purchase. After opening, all Barefoot wines, except the Bubbly, stay good for a week if refrigerated. Once opened, the Bubbly delivers.

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Barefoot Spritzers: These canned, wine-based spritzers are available in various flavors, offering a light and refreshing alternative to traditional wines. Barefoot Wine has always remained true to its mission: to provide an extensive range of inexpensive, pleasurable wines that bring people together, whether of its humble beginnings in a garage.

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Barefoot is honored to be the most awarded wine brand in the world for its innovative approach to winemaking and diverse collection of delicious, refreshing wines that are constantly making new friends around the globe. Jennifer Wall is a native Californian, mother of three, and the world's most awarded winemaker.

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Review: Barefoot Spritzers. Barefoot doesn't just make crazy cheap nonvintage wine. It also makes these "wine-based spritzers," which are tiny single-serve cans of wine, seltzer, and flavorings, all canned at 5.5% abv. We're hardly in the spritzer season, but consider bookmarking this for when the weather turns warm and a poolside.

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Barefoot Wine & Bubbly. 1. Red Sangria Spritzer. The first option is the Barefoot Red Sangria Spritzer. The wine spritzer has a lingering citrus finish with flavors of berry, orange, lemon, and.

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And the best part is that Barefoot Canned Wine Spritzers come in not one, not two, but five unique flavors. The include Red Sangria, Crisp White, Rosé, Summer Red, and Moscato. There's literally.

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It's Popular Around the Globe. According to a 2021 report from Brand Finance, Barefoot Wines is one of the 10 most valuable wine brands in the world. It's the second most valuable brand in the.

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Now it's unclear if this red moscato is some type of red wine blended with a moscato or what, but it doesn't seem to matter much here. This red moscato is one of Barefoot's more delicious and refreshing sweet wines and would work well as a digestif-type end to a big, hearty meal. 8. Malbec. Instagram.

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Barefoot Spritzer cans are lively and refreshing wine-based spritzers inspired by the classic spritzer style. They are light bodied but deliver on big flavor with less alcohol (5.5%) and a signature fizz. Created for the ever-increasing number of refreshing occasions, Barefoot Spritzer cans are perfect for sipping by the pool, enjoying a music festival with friends or relaxing at a backyard.

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Barefoot launches pair of canned Wine Seltzers News The Grocer

Shop for the best selection of Barefoot Wine at Total Wine & More. Order online, pick up in store, enjoy local delivery or ship items directly to you. Skip to main content Skip to footer.. Rose & Blush Wine (1) Country/State. California (26) Style. Brut (2) Rose (1) Barefoot Cellars Chardonnay 1.5L. 4.5 out of 5 stars. 166 reviews. $9.99.

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Barefoot, the most-loved wine brand in the United States, has become a household name, beloved for its approachability, affordability, and delicious, fruit-forward wines. But something most wine.

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Highlights. Four 250 mL cans of Barefoot Crisp White Wine Spritzer. Light bodied white wine spritzer with lower alcohol content. Notes of green apples, lemons, limes and pears. Canned wine is perfectly portable and ideal for outdoors. Perfect for pool parties, beach days or anywhere outdoors. Enjoy chilled, over ice or in a cocktail.

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Four 250 mL cans of Barefoot Rose Pink Wine Spritzer. Light bodied wine spritzer with lower alcohol content. Refreshing medley of juicy peaches and zesty mandarin oranges. Easy to open, portable cans offer convenience. Canned wine is perfect for pool parties, beach days or anywhere outdoors. Semi sweet pink wine spritzer from California.

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Barefoot Pinot Grigio White Wine, 1.5 L. Add to cart. Add Barefoot Pinot Grigio White Wine to list. $6.21 each ($0.24 / fl oz) Andre Brut Champagne Sparkling Wine, 750 mL. Add to cart. Add Andre Brut Champagne Sparkling Wine to list. $19.68 each ($0.12 / fl oz) Franzia Vintner Select Cabernet Sauvignon, 5 L.

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Canned wine is particularly great for outdoor events when dealing with heavy, breakable bottles can be a nightmare. Not to mention, Barefoot's wine spritzers come in packs of four cans, each.