▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (2023)

▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (1)

Can you tell what are the best japanese pop groups of all times? We make a complete list analyzing the Japanese groups that have headed the sales ranking in recent decades.

Known all over the world, J-pop has skyrocketed after its international projection, making mythical groups of the country's music scene and encouraging new artists to put out amazing work.

According to music critics around the world, pop made in Japan is of excellent quality. This is not only thanks to the work of the musicians, but also to the recruitment of new talent that provide a different tone of voice to what we are used to in the West.

Jpop groups play many different styles, spanning a wide range of sounds and melodies. From very cool music, to adorable kawaii music. You can find everything among the best of pop in Japan.

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If it is the first time that you are going to immerse yourself in Jpop and you do not know where to start looking, or if you want to find new recommendations, today you will learn about the Japan popular music culture.

Much more than just a Japanese idol group, these famous pop bands and artists will blow your mind. Choose your favorites among the best j pop bands that we present to you

In this article you will find...


    The best Japanese pop groups


    Translated into English as Official HIGE DANdism, or commonly known by the abbreviation Higedan, this band hit the ground running in 2019 with a chart-topping single in Japan: 'Pretender'.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (3)

    Formed in Shimane in 2012, its 4 male members have struggled since they were very young to get to the place they currently occupy.

    Their melodic ballads have taken Japan and Asia by storm, crossing borders thanks to the publicity they have had on social networks.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (4)

    After mastering the Billboard charts in Japan, his previous works have come to light, recognized for their high quality.

    It has not been an easy road, but today Higedan is considered as best japanese pop male group. According to critics, they have the best Japanese pop songs.

    They have no less than 9 of his songs between the Japan Top 50, and millions of fans who follow in his footsteps daily.


    J-pop, piano pop, indie and pop rock.

    Period of activity

    2012 – Present


    • Satoshi Fujihara – lead vocals, percussion, keyboards
    • Daisuke Ozasa – guitar and backing vocals
    • Makoto Narazaki – bass, saxophone, backing vocals
    • Masaki Matsuura – drums, percussion and backing vocals

    Discography (Albums)

    • Showcase – 2018
    • Traveler – 2019
    • Publisher – 2021


    NiziU is a very fun group of Japanese singers who do songs with very good vibes.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (5)

    Although it was born just no time ago, in 2020, it has become one of the best japanese pop groups of the moment, with millions of listeners outside and inside Japan.

    The difference NiziU has from other girl groups is that they are composed of no less than 9 members.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (6)

    They are all singers and dancers, with a very particular kawaii aesthetic, which attracts attention both in its video clips and on social networks.

    For the moment they don't have a disk, but they are releasing songs, EPs and video clips at a frantic pace. One of the most energetic Japanese female musicals.

    This group has a very original origin. The girls have been chosen through the survival program Nizi Project, aired on Japanese television.

    In this program, the final composition of the group was chosen according to the affinity of the girls, from 26 participants of which only 9 have signed with Sony Music discography to jump to fame with their first songs.


    J-pop, k-pop.

    Period of activity

    2020 – Present


    • Yamaguchi Mako
    • Hanabashi River
    • katsumura maya
    • Oe Riku
    • Arai Ayaka
    • Ogou Mayuka
    • Nakabayashi Rima
    • Suzuno Mihi
    • Nina Makino-Hillman

    Discography (Mini Album)

    Hey! Say! JUMP

    Compound by eight members (10 at the beginning), this time male, the group as it continues to act today was formed in 2007.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (7)

    before this year it was called Hey! Say! 7, until other members joined and some separated to form another band, leaving the current group.

    The fame of these boys already came long before their debut as a new group. In fact, his first concert as Hey! Say! JUMP was held at the Yokohama Arena, with thousands of attendees and broadcast on television.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (8)

    With several albums behind him, and a large collection of famous singles in Japan, Korea and Asia, is a group of Japanese pop idols that is very worth listening to.

    His songs in Japanese are very funny, with super kawaii colorful video clips, and a very characteristic aesthetic. If it was just a musical propaganda attempt, they wouldn't have gone as far as these guys have.

    The key is in your dances and their harmonious voices, in addition to the innovation in each new song they release.



    Period of activity

    2007 – Present


    • Ryōsuke Yamada
    • Yuri Chinan
    • Yūto Nakajima
    • Daiki Arioka
    • Yūya Takaki
    • Hikaru Yaotome
    • Kei Inoo
    • Kota Yabu
    • Keito Okamoto (inactive member)
    • Ryutaro Morimoto (former member)

    Discography (Albums)

    • JUMP nº 1 – 2010
    • JUMP World – 2012
    • S3art – 2014
    • DEAR – 2016
    • Sense or Love – 2018
    • Parade – 2019
    • Fabulous! Music Speaks – 2020


    We cannot fail to include in our ranking one of the best male J-pop bands with a long history.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (9)

    Arashi is based on the musical style of western pop groups such as Backstreet Boy or Nsync, formed in 1999 when this roll of singers and dancers began to succeed throughout the world.

    Dissolved in the past year 2020, have been active for more than two decades, bringing to market a lot of hits. Hence they are one of the most famous jpop groups.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (10)

    These have been heard in all corners of the planet, unseating the greats of Asian pop like BTS, and many American singers.

    How have they been able to stay so fresh despite the years and the stiff competition in the world of pop? They are boys who have dared to innovate with fresh rhythms, adding a touch of rock, hip-hop, and even R&B according to current trends.

    If you add to that the interesting aesthetics that these guys have, and how well they dance live, you have the perfect pump for a great show!


    J-pop, r&b, j-rock, hip-hop.

    Period of activity

    1999 – 2020


    • Satoshi Ono – vocalist and leader
    • Kazunari Ninomiya – vocals
    • Shō Sakurai – vocals
    • Masaki Aiba – vocals
    • Jun Matsumoto – vocals

    Discography (Albums)

    • Arashi No.1 Ichigou: Arashi wa Arashi o Yobu! – 2001
    • Here We Go! – 2002
    • How's it going? – 2003
    • Isa, Now! – 2004
    • One – 2005
    • Arashic – 2006
    • Time-2007
    • Dream «A» Live – 2008
    • Boku no Miteiru Fūkei – 2012
    • Beautiful World – 2011
    • Popcorn – 2012
    • LOVE – 2013
    • The Digitalian – 2014
    • Japanism – 2015
    • Are You Happy? – 2016
    • Untitled – 2017
    • This is Arashi – 2020

    sakura gakuin

    Translated as 'Sakura Academy', this group of female singers it changes each season as the girls 'graduate' from musical school.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (11)

    It is composed of girls from 10 to 15 years old who deal with issues of school life, who leave the group when they complete their period of compulsory education to make way for other young women.

    This novel musical group system has created quite a fan phenomenon in Japan. The girls are dying to get in become part of the main group and its clubs.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (12)

    These clubs are smaller groups that are formed with some of the members, as is the case of the Babymetal, Sleeppiece or Pastel Wind.

    After the graduation of the last members of the group, have finally dissolved forever. The most successful singers have continued their careers in pop music separately.

    Even if his video clips and songs continue to be among the most listened to in the Japanese country, worthy of any Japanese idol group.



    Period of activity

    2010 – 2021


    These have been the girls who have been 'graduating' year after year, that is, leaving the group, to the final composition which has ended in 2021:

    • Ayami Muto
    • Ayaka Miyoshi
    • Airi Matsui
    • Suzuka Nakamoto
    • Mariri Sugimoto
    • Raura Iida
    • Marina Horuchi
    • Nene Sugisaki
    • hinata sato
    • moa kikuchi
    • Yui Mizuno
    • hana taguchi
    • Yunano Notsu
    • Kidney Isono
    • Saki Ooga
    • saki shirai
    • Sarah Kurashima
    • mirena kurosawa
    • aiko yamaide
    • Megumi Okada
    • Okazaki Momoko
    • Yuzumi Shintani
    • Maaya Asou
    • Marin Hidaka
    • Kano Fujihira
    • Soyoka Yoshida
    • Tsugumi Aritomo
    • Momoe Mori
    • MikuTanaka
    • Miki Yagi
    • Kokona Nonaka
    • yume nozaki
    • sana shiratori
    • Sakya Kimura
    • Neo Sato
    • Miko Todaka

    Discography (Albums)

    • Message – 2011
    • Friends – 2012
    • My Generation – 2013
    • Kizuna – 2014
    • Kimi ni Todoke – 2015
    • Kirameki no Kakera – 2016
    • Yakusoku-2017
    • My Road – 2018
    • Life Iro Asenai Hibi – 2019
    • Story – 2020
    • Thank You – 2021

    Hatsune Miku

    Hatsune Miku is one of the best known singers in all of Japan. However, she has something that makes her totally different from other artists: she is a japanese virtual idol.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (13)

    Your voice is created through vocaloid technology, an application that synthesizes songs in various languages ​​such as English or Japanese.

    Created by the Crypton Future Media company in 2007, is the most popular and well-known to date.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (14)

    Through this youtube video You can learn a little more about the origin of this character:

    Since the creation of the voice of this character, the next steps have been to design an image to participate in video clips, and even macro concerts in the main halls and stadiums of large countries.

    Its name would translate as 'First sound of the future', and it fits like a glove, since it was the first voice created by computer from the voice of another singer.

    Once the voice is captured in the sound library, the possibilities are endless, giving rise to all kinds of songs that have been given very varied uses.



    Period of activity

    2007 – Present



    • Affairs of Life – 2008
    • The Greatest Idol – 2013
    • Hatsune Miku Symphony – 2016
    • Sakura-2017
    • Hatsune Miku 10th Anniversary – 2017


    Similar to the Sakura Gakuin, AKB48 is a female idol group produced by Yasushi Akimoto.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (15)

    There are many girls who are part of this band, divided in turn into several teams, Team A, Team K, Team B and Team 4, who are sometimes joined by a parallel team with other female singers.

    each team has a captain and sub-captain, whose role is to lead and choose the participants who enter and leave. It is one of the best j-pop groups.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (16)

    For the election of the members, very varied challenges are made in a program broadcast on television, such as a 'rock, paper, scissors' match.

    Dozens of different girls have already participated in this group, catapulting them to fame to continue after his solo career.

    In Japan it is very popular. and is followed closely by young people, both in the television program and in their musical tours and new albums.



    Period of activity

    2005 – Present


    Team A (pink)
    • Yui Yokoyama
    • Mariko Nakamura
    Team K (green)
    • Minami Minegishi
    • Haruka Shimada
    Team B (blue)
    • yuria kizaki
    • Ryouka Oshima
    Team 4 (yellow)
    • Juri Takahashi
    • Nana Okada

    Discography (Albums)

    • Koko ni Ita Koto – 2011
    • 1830m – 2012
    • Tsugi no Ashiato – 2014
    • Koko ga Rhodes da, Koko de Tobe! – 2015
    • thumbnail-2017
    • Bokutachi wa, Ano Hi no Yoake wo Shitteiru – 2018

    Namie Amuro

    From Japanese pop groups we go to a solo singer of this same genre, known in her country of origin and abroad thanks to her songs that mix japanese and english.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (17)

    With over 40 years of age, this girl with an incredible voice has been part of several musical groups, continuing her career on her own until today.

    In Japan it could be comparable to Madonna, since it is considered the 'queen of J-pop'.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (18)

    An artist who remains active and at the foot of the canyon despite the passing of the years, innovating with amazing new pop songs. His first single, and one of his most famous, is 'Baby Don't Cry', released in 2007.

    Nowadays is retired from the musical world, although since it happened the first time, it is not ruled out that at some point he will release a new album.

    His audiovisual productions are a true work of art, with a unrivaled voice throughout the Asian continent.


    J-pop, EDM, house.

    Period of activity

    1990 – 2018


    Discography (Albums)

    • DANCE TRACKS VOL.1 – 1995
    • SWEET 19 BLUES – 1996
    • Concentration 20 – 1997
    • GENIUS 2000 – 2000
    • Break the rules – 2000
    • STYLE – 2003
    • Queen of Hip-Pop – 2005
    • PLAY – 2007
    • PAST FUTURE – 2009
    • Uncontrolled – 2012
    • FEEL – 2013
    • _genic – 2015

    Kyary Pamyu Pamyu

    Kiriko Takemura is a famous J-pop singer and model in her home country, who sings on stage under the pseudonym Kyary Pamyu Pamyu.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (19)

    He started in the world of music with barely 12 years old, making himself known on his fashion blog and then showing the world the rest of his hidden talents.

    This sweet girl was known in the Harajuku neighborhood for her outlandish outfits. Lover of the kawaii style, it is well reflected in his songs and video clips what is the trend that he follows to the letter.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (20)

    His shows are crazy, with a great display of visual and sound effects that leaves no one indifferent, even if you don't love pop music!

    In addition to various studio albums, has a collection of singles as extensive as his musical career.

    Too participated as jury and hostess in many television programs, lending his image and his voice on multiple occasions. Quite a success story!


    J-pop, techno, synthpop, electronic, dance, kawaii pop.

    Period of activity

    2010 – Present


    Discography (Albums)

    • Pamyu Pamyu Revolution – 2012
    • Nanda Collection – 2013
    • Pika Pika Fantajin – 2014
    • Japamyū – 2018

    Hikaru Utada

    Hiraku is the artist who gives voice to some of the most beautiful japanese songs of all times.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (21)

    With Japanese roots though born in new york, the vast majority of her records are in her native language, which has made her one of the most important Japanese singers in Japanese history.

    With millions of sales, he has several records that he has been achieving during his career. Some as curious as the record of selling songs for mobile phones, and others more current as the over 20 million copies sold of your disc in digital format.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (22)

    It outnumbers great artists like Rihanna or April Lavigne, and that his career in the West has only just begun in the last decade.

    He has been active no less than since 1996, creating and producing their own songs, many of them entirely self-produced.

    She is also an expert in guitar, piano and drums, educated in the best United States schools and universities, because since she was little she knew what she wanted to do, pop being her favorite musical style.



    Period of activity

    1996 – Present


    Discography (Albums)

    • First Love – 1999
    • Distance-2001
    • Deep River-2002
    • Ultra Blue – 2006
    • Heart Station – 2008
    • Fantôme – 2016
    • Hatsukoi-2018
    • TBA-2022
    • Precious – 1997
    • Exodus – 2004
    • This Is The One – 2009
    • Utada Hikaru Single Collection v.1 – 2004
    • Utada the best – 2010
    • Utada Hikaru Single Collection v. 2 – 2010


    Perfume is one of the future pop girl groups most representative of Japan and the most popular Japanese groups with female singers.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (23)

    Unlike other Japanese pop groups, its 3 members are already mature girls, with a very seasoned voice in traditional Japanese music. If you are looking for interesting Japanese pop groups, you will love this one.

    Practically from the beginning, the music of the group Perfume is produced by Yasutaka Nakata, founder of his own group, Capsule.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (24)

    In addition to including typical Japanese pop rhythms, it has hints of auto-tune and vocoders that give a fresher and more singular air to the songs.

    Like other Japanese pop bands, Perfume is a benchmark for young people who have grown up alongside them, and for the new generations.

    It is not an idol group like the others. Japanese pop music sounds much more elaborate with the great voices of this trio of artists. I'm sure you'll like it!


    Future pop, J-pop, synth pop.

    Period of activity

    2000 – Present


    • Ayano Omoto
    • yuka kashino
    • Ayaka Nishiwaki

    Discography (Albums)

    • Perfume – 2006
    • Game – 2008
    • Triangle – 2009
    • JPN-2011
    • Level 3 – 2013
    • Cosmic Explorer – 2016
    • Future Pop – 2018


    Yoasobi is a Japanese pop-style songwriting duo and with a very Japanese aesthetic.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (25)

    In this duo participate two great professionals of Japanese music: Ayase, a vocaloid music producer, and Ikura, a renowned vocalist in his country.

    Although both they have their own career in parallel, this group was born from an innovative idea to create a different style of music from Japan.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (26)

    His work consists of 6 video clips that tell short stories through lyrics and animated images. Of course, supported by the great giant Sony Music Japan.

    A famous Japanese song of this band is 'Yoru ni Kakeru'. The broadcast of the video clip had an excellent reception in 2019, with thousands of followers waiting for the following musical works.

    One more time, japanese pop groups do not disappoint, with a type of art without equal in the Japanese country.



    Period of activity

    2019 – Present


    • Ayase: composer
    • Ikura: voice

    Discography (Singles)

    • Yoru ni Kakeru – 2019
    • Year Yume or Nazotte – 2020
    • Halzion – 2020
    • Tabun – 2020
    • Gonjō – 2020
    • Haruka – 2020
    • Encore- 2021
    • Kaibutsu – 2021


    Aimyon is a Japanese pop singer-songwriter who began her career at just 19 years old. She herself composes his music and his songs, representing them with an incredible voice.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (27)

    Not only in the recording studio, but also in the shows and concerts in which he has participated.

    Although he has been raised in a musical environment, and has composed songs since high school, his discovery as an artist was by chance.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (28)

    He participated in an audition in which the critics fell in love with his voice. In the beginning worked with boy group Johnny's West. But shortly after he released his first solo work.

    Aimyon has a famous japanese song that has been heard in all corners of the country.

    'Anata Kaibou Junaika (Shine)' is the release that made her known, backed by Warner Music Japan company who knew how to see its great potential.



    Period of activity

    2014 – Present


    Discography (Albums)

    • Excitement of Youth – 2017
    • Momentary Sixth Sense – 2019
    • Heard That There's Good Pasta – 2020


    Authors of a style of modern Japanese music, this band of 5 girls is considered to be one of the best japanese pop groups of all times.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (29)

    A few years ago they dissolved the band. But luckily, they left us fans a great legacy of records, songs and video clips for endless enjoyment.

    With a very frenetic rhythm, characteristic of J-pop, the girls move in exuberant choreography that drive teenage girls crazy.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (30)

    Very few pop groups from Japan have given so much to talk about in recent decades. The japanese pink press He has shown great interest in the private lives of these girls, which is said to have been one of the reasons the group ultimately disbanded.

    In replacement of some of the members who founded the group, other voices entered who did a great job.

    The stressful career they have had, and the prematurity with which they started it, he has demanded that they make a break despite the fact that their fans keep asking them to come back to at least do a memorial concert.



    Period of activity

    2005 – 2017


    • Maimi Yajima: leader
    • Saki Nakajima: sub-leader
    • Airi Suzuki
    • Chisato Okai
    • Mai Hagiwara
    • Megumi Murakami: former member
    • Kanna Airhara: former member
    • Erika Umeda: former member

    Discography (Albums)

    • cutie queen
    • Ikiru to Iu Chikara
    • LOVE Escalation!
    • Akogare My STAR
    • ℃-ute Nandesu! Zen Single Atsumechaimashita!
    • shocking
    • Chou WONDERFUL!
    • Dai Nana Shou "Utsukushikutte Gomen ne"
    • ℃-ute Shinsei Naru Best Album
    • Queen of J-POP
    • ℃maj9


    News is a Japanese boy band currently made up of 3 guys, whose name comes from the initials of the cardinal points in English: Nnorth, ANDast, Wis and yesouth.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (31)

    within japan they are very popular, although no screening has yet to be released in the West, and remains one of the great unknowns with a high level of quality.

    Initially was formed by a group of nine members, from which the young people left one by one.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (32)

    From 2003 to 2020 the group became a trio, with the departure of the last fourth member, Yuya Tegoshi. It is one of the oldest jpop groups that are still active.

    even though they are very good singers, and the style of J-pop that they deal with is not entirely commercial, the fame that these boys have acquired has more to do with controversy.

    However, we recommend that you give them a chance, especially with their latest works. Is a very elaborate music, and without a doubt one of the best Japanese pop groups you'll hear in a long time.



    Period of activity

    2003 – Present


    • Keiichirō Koyama
    • Takahisa Masuda
    • Shigeaki Kato
    • Takahiro Moriuchi: former member
    • Hiroki Uchi: former member
    • Hironori Kusano: former member
    • Tomohisa Yamashita: former member
    • Ryō Nishikido: former member
    • Yūya Tegoshi: former member

    Discography (Albums)

    • Touch – 2005
    • Pacific–2007
    • Color – 2008
    • LIVE – 2012
    • NEWS-2013
    • WHITE- 2015
    • QUARTETTO – 2016
    • NEVERLAND – 2017
    • EPCOTIA – 2018
    • WORLDIST – 2019
    • STORY – 2020

    Exile The Second

    Formerly known as The Second from Exile, the group changed its name to Exile The Second some years after its formation.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (33)

    This boy band has the members of the former band Exile, of which some of its participants were dissolved to remain only the current ones.

    His music, although with a marked Japanese style, has a wide international projection, through the incorporation of catchy rhythms in the purest american style.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (34)

    The trajectory of these boys has been slow, but sure, throwing various albums and many hit singles in Japan, which have been heard on radios around the world.

    You cannot miss his incredible video clips, among which highlights the song 'Yeah! yeah! Yeah!'.

    None express so faithfully the style of these boys, who in addition to being good singers are excellent dancers, with an aesthetic that has created a trend in its country of origin.


    J-pop, dance, electronic.

    Period of activity

    2012 – Present


    • Kenichiro Teratsuji: Leader and Dancer
    • Karim Ryuta Nesmith: vocals
    • Shokichi Yagi: Vocalist
    • Keiji Kuroki: dancer
    • Tetsuya Tsuchida: dancer
    • Ryouhei Kurosawa: dancer

    Discography (Albums)

    • The II age – 2014
    • Born to be Wild – 2017
    • Highway Star – 2018
    • Exile the Second The Best – 2020


    Another of the best Japanese pop groups that you should know is Dish//. Currently composed of 4 handsome singers and dancers, is a group created by Stardust Promotion to generate sales.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (35)

    It was so well received by the youth of Japan that even today they keep releasing records and filling stadiums in the purest Backstreet Boys style.

    These guys were picked by a new talent agency through an arduous casting. They showed a very good connection between them, and took their friendship beyond the personal field.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (36)

    Today they are famous in Japan, but also in China, Korea, and Taiwan, where they have become a phenomenon of online sales and downloads.

    Although they don't have too many albums on the market, their collection of singles is quite extensive. The advantage they offer over other Japanese pop groups is that none of their songs are wasted.

    you can be hours and hours listening to them without getting bored, because they are absolutely great!


    Japanese pop-rock.

    Period of activity

    2013 – Present


    • Daichi Izumi
    • Yabe Masaki
    • Takumi Kitamura
    • To-i Tachibana

    Discography (Albums)

    • Main dish – 2015
    • Mashiagare no Gatling – 2016
    • Junk Food Junction – 2019
    • X-2021

    kat tun

    We continue with the Japanese pop groups made up of handsome young boys.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (37)

    Mass phenomenon in the Japanese country, its 6 members have broken the records of the Japanese music industry, earning the top spot season after season thanks to his 17 singles.

    They carry active since 2001, so they are no longer children. In his path, the group has gone through several ups and downs, with the withdrawal and return of some of its members, mainly for personal reasons.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (38)

    The first great success was achieved in 2006, with the launch of his masterpiece. From there the race has been unstoppable. Currently there are 3 members.

    The truth is that no one knows exactly what is so successful. His songs are not very different from the ones made by the rest of the Japanese pop groups, and yet, with each album they break sales records.

    A very neat image. interesting video clips, and above all voices that combine perfectly with each other, could be the secret of these guys whose career seems to have no end.


    J-pop and J-rock.

    Period of activity

    2001 – Present


    • Kamenashi Kazuya
    • Tatsuya Ueda
    • Nakamaru Yūichi
    • Akanishi Jin (former member)
    • Taguchi Junnosuke (former member)
    • Tanaka Koki (former member)

    Discography (Albums)

    • Best of KAT-TUN – 2006
    • Cartoon KAT-TUN II You – 2007
    • Break the Records -by you & for you- 2009
    • NO MORE PAIИ -2010
    • CHAIN-2012
    • Kusabi-kusabi- 2013
    • Come Here – 2014
    • cast-2018

    Generations from Exile Tribe

    Many of the Japanese pop groups come from the selection of several young boys or girls to find the perfect combination of voices.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (39)

    In the case of Generations, more than a simple casting, they went through a specialized school to form the perfect band, polishing their voices and their style according to the demands of the music market.

    In 2011 the group began to form, which did not rise to fame until 1 year later, when they were fully prepared. One of the best Japanese pop bands.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (40)

    The finalists were those who recorded the first studio album, highly anticipated by their fans, mainly girls from Japan, China and South Korea (the mecca of kpop), where it was made publicity to generate great expectation.

    The fruit of 'Exile Tribe' has not disappointed at all. Specialists in J-pop and dance, they know how to encourage their followers to dance with some catchy choreography.

    Each of his video clips are a work of art. look at his vintage pop aesthetic and wakaii touches, which have served as a reference for the work of other artists worldwide.


    J-pop, dance and R&B.

    Period of activity

    2012 – Present


    • alan shirahama
    • Ryouta Katayose
    • Ryuto Kazuhara
    • Hayato Komori
    • Healthy Inmate
    • Mandy Sekiguchi
    • yuta nakatsuka

    Discography (Albums)

    • Generations-2013
    • Generation Ex-2015
    • Speedster – 2016
    • Namida o Nagasenai Pierrot wa Taiyou mo Tsuki mo nai Sora o Miageta – 2017
    • Shōnen Chronicle – 2019
    • Up & Down – 2021


    Similar to the AKB48 group, this japanese idol group made up of girls changes generation as the girls grow up.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (41)

    Produced by Yasushi Akimoto, the first line-up was created in 2011 as official rival of AKB48, choosing girls with a high level to sing and for the show.

    Minors wear uniforms. as if I were schoolgirls, in the purest school style.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (42)

    Once they graduate from high school, the members leave the group to make room for the entry of other girls, with the recording of new singles, albums and shows.

    It seems that this project has been very well received. It works very well as a Japanese idol band, and therefore they are still active season after season.

    The young girls do everything possible to be able to enter the group, and be part of the musical tours and concerts throughout Asia, becoming known little by little on the international scene.



    Period of activity

    2011 – Present


    First generation
    • Akimoto Manatsu (Captain of Nogizaka46)
    • Ikuta Erika
    • Asuka Saito
    • Takayama Kazumi
    • Higuchi Hina
    • Hoshino Minami
    • Matsumura Sayuri
    • Wada Maaya
    Second generation
    • Ito Junna
    • Kitano Hinako
    • Shinuchi Mai
    • suzuki yane
    • Terada Ranze
    • Hori Miona
    • Rena Yamazaki
    • Miriam Watanabe
    Third generation
    • Ito Riria
    • Iwamoto-renka
    • Umezawa Minami
    • Kubo Shiori
    • Sakaguchi Tamami
    • Sato Kaede
    • Nakamura Reno
    • Mukai Hazuki
    • Yamashita Mizuki
    • Yoshida AyanoChristie
    • yuki yoda
    Fourth generation
    • endo sakura
    • Kaki Haruka
    • Kakehashi Sayaka
    • Kanagawa Saya
    • Kitagawa Yuri
    • Kuromi Haruka
    • Sato Rika
    • Shibata Yuna
    • Seimiya Rei
    • Mayu Tamura
    • Tsutsui Ayame
    • Hayakawa Seira
    • Hayashi Rune
    • Matsuo Miyu
    • Yakubo Mio
    • Yumiki Nao

    Discography (Albums)

    • Toumei na Iro – 2015
    • Sorezore no Izu – 2016
    • Umaretekara Hajimete Mita Yume – 2017
    • Boku Dake no Kimi – 2018
    • Ima ga Omoide ni Naru Made – 2019

    What are the best Japanese pop bands?

    What Japanese culture lovers, we love discovering new voices and rhythms through Japanese pop groups.

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (43)

    But nevertheless, we are not music experts, and we can not be impartial when choosing our favorites.

    ✅ ¿Are you a metal fan?? Discover the best Japanese metal bands in this link

    ✅ ¿Do you like rock? Do not miss the best Japanese rock bands clicking here

    In addition to these, there many other japanese pop bands that we have left in the inkwell and that well deserve a mention:

    • NMB48
    • JO1
    • Sekai no Owari
    • Berryz Kobo
    • Ikimonogakari
    • SMAP
    • SDN48
    • Zard
    • SixTONES
    • Team Syachihoko
    • french-kiss
    • Morning Musume
    • Official Hige Dandism
    • Judy & Mary

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (44)

    And you, what others japanese pop groups would you include in this list?, any recommendations of famous or unknown bands that we have mentioned? Leave us your opinion in comments!

    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (45)

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    ▷ Top 20 Japanese Pop Groups | 【 2023 】 (46)

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    What is the most popular Japanese pop group? ›

    The best-selling artists by number of singles sold are AKB48 (50.8 million), B'z (35.8 million) in second place, Mr. Children (28.45 million) in third place, and Southern All Stars (25.179 million) in fourth place.

    Who is the No 1 J-pop group? ›

    Top 10 best J-Pop groups
    • Babymetal. Babymetal is a Japanese kawaii metal band. ...
    • Scandal. Scandal is an all-female Japanese rock band from Osaka. ...
    • Perfume. ...
    • AAA. ...
    • Sakura gakuin. ...
    • Morning Musume. ...
    • Cute.
    Aug 8, 2022

    Who is the most popular J-pop girl group? ›

    Most popular girl group Japan 2022. A survey conducted in October 2022 showed that Nogizaka46 was the most popular female idol group in Japan, with 6.4 percent of the respondents stating that they liked Nogizaka46 the most among female idol groups.

    What is the largest J-pop group? ›

    AKB48 holds several Guinness World Records, including being recognized on December 1, 2010, as the "largest pop group" when it numbered 48 members.

    Does Japan have K-Pop? ›

    Meanwhile, K-pop accounts for more than a third — 37 percent — of the top-selling albums on Japan's Oricon chart. As K-pop's influence continues to grow, an increasing number of Japanese stars and wannabes are knocking on the doors of Korean agencies.

    Is J-Pop popular in Japan? ›

    Japanese pop music, or J-Pop, is one of the most popular music genres in Japan. Although it started to gain popularity in the 1960s, it hit the mainstream in the 1990s and today it has millions of fans all over the world.

    Which J-Pop group has 100 members? ›

    When it comes to J-Pop, there's no group bigger, more fascinating, and groundbreaking than AKB48. From unconventional career trajectories to unbelievable controversies, this 100+ member collective has changed the shape of pop music in Japan beyond even its creators' wildest imaginations.

    Who is the most popular Japanese male idol? ›

    Most popular boy group Japan 2022

    BTS was followed in popularity by the Japanese bands Tokio, King & Prince, and KinKi Kids.

    Is J-Pop more famous than Kpop? ›

    They're not. Actually, Korean pop music follows a more Western flavor of music, which might be your music style, and has a very catchy melody, and that's why it's more popular than Japanese pop music and Chinese pop music.

    Who is the top 1 famous K-pop group? ›

    BTS. This seven-member boy band has taken the world by storm and are definitely the biggest name in K-pop.

    Who is the best K-pop singers? ›

    K-Pop Artists
    • ATEEZ. 317,057 listeners. ...
    • IU. 572,583 listeners. ...
    • SHINee. 439,202 listeners. ...
    • NewJeans. 462,183 listeners. ...
    • aespa. 400,202 listeners. ...
    • MONSTA X. 344,451 listeners. ...
    • Dreamcatcher. 327,217 listeners. ...
    • NCT DREAM. 334,878 listeners.

    Who is the most popular pop group in the world? ›

    1. BTS. In 2020, BTS set a world record. In fact, they set three similar world records; all of which were for their hit song, Dynamite.

    Who is the top 10 famous K-pop group? ›

    Here are 10 K-Pop bands list you'll definitely want to check out immediately.
    1. BTS. Can we even talk about K-Pop without mentioning BTS? ...
    2. Blackpink. ...
    3. EXO. ...
    4. TWICE. ...
    5. BIGBANG. ...
    6. Girls Generation. ...
    7. Seventeen. ...
    8. Red Velvet.
    Sep 6, 2022

    Who are the top 10 most famous K-pop groups? ›

    Top 10 most followed K-pop groups on Twitter
    • BTS. Followers (or rather BTS Army) - 47.1 Million. ...
    • EXO (Kings of K-pop) Followers - 13.1 Million. ...
    • TXT (Tomorrow X Together) Followers - 13 Million. ...
    • TWICE. Followers - 10.7 Million. ...
    • SEVENTEEN. Followers - 10.1 Million. ...
    • GOT7. Followers - 9.5 Million. ...
    • ENHYPEN. ...
    • NCT DREAM.
    Nov 17, 2022

    Who is the best dancer in K-pop? ›

    Taemin is, hands down, one of the absolute greatest dancers that ever took to a K-Pop stage. The maknae and main dancer of SHINee, Lee Taemin is known throughout the K-Pop world—to fans and non-fans alike—for his unique style, made up of smooth and incredibly controlled moves.

    What is Japanese K-pop called? ›

    J-pop (Japanese: ジェイポップ, jeipoppu; often stylized as J-POP; an abbreviated form of "Japanese popular music"), natively also known simply as pops (ポップス, poppusu), is the name for a form of popular music that entered the musical mainstream of Japan in the 1990s.

    Which K-pop is famous in Japan? ›

    Additionally, they go by the acronym DBSK, which stands for Dong Bang Shin Ki, which is their Korean name. TVXQ has a sizable fan base in Japan and used to be one of the most popular K-pop groups there. The group is known as “Tohoshinki” in their Japanese releases.

    Is K-pop popular in the US? ›

    The popularity of K-pop can also be verified by increasing sales of songs and albums. BTS set the highest-selling digital music record in the US for the second consecutive year with "Butter" in 2021 (1.89 million downloads) following “Dynamite” in 2020 (1.26 million downloads).

    Who is the K-pop famous girl? ›

    Blackpink's Lisa is the most successful K-pop female artist. She is also known to have the best style. Who is the most popular female solo artist in K-pop? IU is the most popular female solo artist in K-pop and is also considered Korea's best soloist.

    Who is the biggest girl group? ›

    Groups with claimed total record sales of more than 20 million:
    ArtistCountry of originClaimed sales
    The SupremesUnited States50–100 million
    The Andrews SistersUnited Statesover 75 million
    2NE1South Koreaover 66 million
    TLCUnited Statesover 65 million
    15 more rows

    Who came first J-pop or K-pop? ›

    DARLING-WOLF: Before K-pop, there was J-pop.

    Is K-pop big in Japan? ›

    According to a survey conducted in Japan in 2019, 39 percent of respondents considered K-pop to be very popular in Japan. The second largest group, at 29.6 percent, considered it to be only popular among a few people.
    Popularity of South Korean pop music (K-pop) in Japan in 2019.
    CharacteristicShare of respondents
    3 more rows
    Feb 28, 2022

    Are Japanese Idols allowed to date? ›

    Idols are seen as role models to the public, and their personal lives and image can sometimes be tightly controlled by their talent agencies. Common restrictions include not being allowed to smoke or drink in public, or pursue romantic relationships.

    What is the most successful Japanese song? ›

    Taiyaki-kun" is the best-selling single in Japan. There were several singles which achieved worldwide success. Shoukichi Kina's "Subete No Hito No Kokoro Ni Hana Wo" sold estimate 30 million copies over worldwide. Kyu Sakamoto's "Sukiyaki" sold estimate 13 million copies over worldwide.

    Who is the greatest singer in Japan? ›

    16 Of The Greatest And Most Famous Japanese Singers Of All Time
    • Yoko Ono.
    • Suzuka Nakamoto.
    • Hikaru Utada.
    • Meiko Kaji.
    • Kōji Tamaki.
    • Hiroshi Kamayatsu.
    • Miyavi.
    • Ayumi Hamasaki.
    Sep 15, 2022

    Who is the cutest K-pop singer? ›

    25 Best Prettiest Female K-Pop Idols
    1. Rosé (BLACKPINK) Roseanne Park who is more commonly known as Rosé, is the lead dancer and main vocalist of BLACKPINK, the girl group from South Korea. ...
    2. Yuna (ITZY) ...
    3. Jennie (BLACKPINK) ...
    4. Winter (aespa) ...
    5. Joy (Red Velvet) ...
    6. Bae Suzy. ...
    7. Irene (Red Velvet) ...
    8. Jisoo (BLACKPINK)
    Jan 31, 2023

    What is the biggest idol group in Japan? ›

    While AKB48 boasts the largest number of members in one group (over 120 idols at one point), they are internally split into several teams, each with their own theme.

    Which Kpop group has most fans in Japan? ›

    BTS, or Bangtan Boys, is the most popular K-pop group. BTS is also known as Bangtan Sonyeondan, Beyond the Scene, and Bulletproof Boy Scouts. They are very popular in Japan too.

    Which is most popular Kpop or J-pop? ›

    Actually, Korean pop music follows a more Western flavor of music, which might be your music style, and has a very catchy melody, and that's why it's more popular than Japanese pop music and Chinese pop music.

    What K-pop groups have Japanese members? ›

    In addition to these ten Japanese idols, K-pop groups like Cherry Bullet, DKB, TOI, Secret Number, TFN, Billie, Lapillus, etc., also have members from Japan.

    Who is the most popular K-pop idol in Japan? ›

    Top 30 most mentioned K-pop idols on Twitter Japan 2022 (mid-year...
    • V (BTS)
    • Jungkook (BTS)
    • Jimin (BTS)
    • Garam (LE SSERAFIM)
    • Cha Eunwoo (ASTRO)
    • Yeonjun (TXT)
    • Wonyoung (IVE)
    • Ni-ki (ENHYPEN)
    Jun 30, 2022

    Who is the first Japanese K-pop group? ›

    Conversation. S.E.S. was the first Kpop group to debut in Japan and because of their experience in Japan, SM Entertainment learned how to debut and create successful artists in Japan.

    What is BTS name in Japanese? ›

    In Japan, they are known as Bōdan Shōnendan (防弾少年団). In July 2017, BTS announced that their name would also stand for "Beyond the Scene" as part of their new brand identity.

    Who is the most popular K-pop male group in Japan? ›

    A survey conducted in October 2022 showed that the South Korean boy band BTS was the most popular male idol group in Japan, with 6.1 percent of respondents stating that they liked BTS the most among male idol groups. BTS was followed in popularity by the Japanese bands Tokio, King & Prince, and KinKi Kids.

    What are the top 5 countries most K-pop fans? ›


    Indonesia also tops the list for countries tweeting most about K-pop, followed by the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, and the US.

    Who is the most loved K-pop? ›

    Most Famous K-Pop Idols Of 2022
    • Jungkook (BTS) Junkook or Jeon Kenoggul, a vocalist for BTS, is one of the most popular music idols in the entire world and not just in K-pop. ...
    • Lisa (Blackpink) ...
    • Kim Tae-Hyung (BTS) ...
    • Jisso (Blackpink) ...
    • Sehun (EXO) ...
    • Jennie (Blackpink) ...
    • Jimin (BTS)

    Is J-pop popular in Japan? ›

    Japanese pop music, or J-Pop, is one of the most popular music genres in Japan. Although it started to gain popularity in the 1960s, it hit the mainstream in the 1990s and today it has millions of fans all over the world.

    What was the first J-pop? ›

    Japanese idol band Onyanko Club made their debut in 1985, and produced popular singer Shizuka Kudō. They changed the image of Japanese idols. Around 1985, however, people began to be disenchanted with the system for creating idols.

    What is the Japanese girl group in Korea? ›

    XG (/ɛks-dʒiː/; acronym for Xtraordinary Girls) is a Japanese girl group based in South Korea. The group was formed by Xgalx, a label of Avex, and is composed of seven members: Jurin, Chisa, Hinata, Juria, Cocona, Maya and Harvey.

    What is the K-pop Japanese girl group? ›

    NiziU (Japanese: ニジュー; Korean: 니쥬), stylized as NIZIU, is a Japanese girl group formed by JYP Entertainment and Sony Music Entertainment Japan. The group is composed of nine members: Mako, Rio, Maya, Riku, Ayaka, Mayuka, Rima, Miihi, and Nina.

    Who is the most popular 4th gen K-pop group in Japan? ›

    ENHYPEN Proves They're The Most Popular 4th Gen K-Pop Group In Japan By Breaking A New Record. It has only been two years since they debuted!


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